German Anti-Tank Grenade Hafthohlladung

Reproduction of the anti-tank grenade (Hafthohlladung) also called "Panzerknacker", made of metal and with a magnetic base, the base contains three magnets.

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The Hafthohlladung (literally shaped adhesive charge), was mainly used by the tank destroyer squads of the German Army. Designed with three magnets at its base, the poles of which created a strong magnetic field through their openings, a soldier could attach it to an enemy tank regardless of the angle of its armor. As the axis of the molten metal jet had to be perpendicular to the armor plate where it was located, activated by pulling the latch on the grenade handle, the angle of inclination of the armor would be irrelevant for the penetration that the device would generate. However, the direct placement of the grenade on an enemy tank made its use very dangerous, since the soldier would be the target of enemy fire.