M9A1 Rifle Grenade

Reproduction of M9A1 anti-tank rifle grenade. Manufactured in metal, disassembled into two parts, colour olive green. Used by US Army in World War II.

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Grenade, Rifle, Antitank, M9A1 : improved type of Rifle Grenade introduced in 1942, this model became the std. Antitank Rifle Grenade throughout WWII . It was lighter, had a better aerodynamic shape, its fuze and detonator were relocated, while armor penetration was increased to 4 inches . The fuze is more sensitive and will function upon impact with soft earth ! Range was now 250 yards . At first, color was yellow with black markings, later replaced by olive drab yellow markings . Used with M1 (Rifle M1903A1-M1903A3) M7 (Rifle M1) and M8 Launchers (Carbine M1) . Although primarily intended for use against armored vehicles, also most effective against enemy personnel and pillboxes.