Original U.S.N M1926 Inflatable Floatation Belt Life

Inflatable flotation belt M1926, belt dated February 29 1944 with contract number, manufactured by Eagle Rubber Co of Ashland Ohio. Metal buckle and hook marked Sparklets, consists of two parallel tubes that are inflated manually by operating two canisters. Includes 4 original unused cylinders.

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This type of belt is particularly known for use during the D-Day landing on the Normandy beaches on June 6th, 1944.

The M1926 inflatable floatation belt was used as a life preserver by assault troops during amphibious actions and beach landings. The belt was inflated by squeezing two switches located inside the belt, which activated two CO2 bottles. If the CO2 bottles failed, the belt could still be inflated by blowing into the rubber covered pipes.