Trench Binoculars SF 14. Z. Gi. H/6400 HENSOLDT WEITZLAR

Trench binoculars SF 14. Z. Gi. H/6400 HENSOLDT WEITZLAR with tripod and cavalry transport box, made of steel and brass, the optics incorporate a grid reticle, one of the bakelite binoculars is repaired, angle compass, support to fix the reticle illumination, Color filters, the prismatic was repainted, but you can see the original paint underneath,

1 600,00 € tax incl.
1 600,00 € tax incl.

 S.F. markings. 14.Z.GI H/6400 and HENSOLDT WEITZLAR 262398 M. optics and moving parts work perfectly.Tripod made of oak, brass and aluminum, with dqc markings and serial number 115, the tripod was repainted.

The transport box made of very thick leather, HENSOLDT WEITZLAR markings, WaA acceptance and the date 1936, has some repairs


Width 14.5cm, height 51cm

projection with arms extended 78 cm

weight with transport box 10.2 kg

tripod height 101 cm - 156 cm, tripod weight = 7 kg.

Total weight of the whole set = 17 kg