US B3 life preserver "Mae West"

Exact replica of the American paratroopers' B3 life preserver, used in World War II. Made of cotton and rubber canvas, yellow, markings as in the originals, two removable metal valves. It has all the details than the originals.

156,75 € tax incl.
165,00 € tax incl.


  • 2 x C02 cartridges with pull cords at the bottom of the vest between the two layers of the vest.

  • Leather front panel with inspection date stamped on it, this was to protect the life preserver from the parachute harness rubber against the vest.

  • 2 x rubber mouth nozzle tubes with brass fixings design for manual inflation.

  • Waist strap with correct style chrome buckles.

  • Strap which goes between the legs on loops onto the waist belt.

  • Yellow cotton canvas outer.

B3 life preserver vest. This was used by the USAAF in WW2 by aircrew and was also issued to the American Airborne Divisions for the Normandy invasion.